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“Electrifying! The learnings and interactive conversations during our huddles as well being in the VIP Room was an incredibly amazing experience! Best. Virtual. Event. Ever!”

Donna Stewart | Investor | Real Estate

“The 4th day gave me the mental shift I needed to invest in my team to be able to reach my goals!”

Brooks West | CEO | Healthcare

“The day about recruiting and building an A-Team is the most valuable thing I have learned.”

Eric Heckman | Owner | Financial Services

“The quality and caliber of the attendees was incredible. I have every confidence these connections will provide life-long value and mutual benefit!”

Sandon Nixon | Real Estate Consultant | Real Estate

“I now have the tools (and courage) to build a kick-ass team.”

Leonard Kurian | Physician | Healthcare

“Just one of the ideas from day 4 was worth the entire investment.”

Irene Titera | Owner | Artist

“Don't miss the opportunity to meet, network, and mingle with the best of the best! Trust me, the VIPs at this event are the REAL DEAL. If you are looking to level up your relationships and associations, this is the place to do it.”

Dan Mumm | Realtor & Coach | Real Estate

“The value of connecting with other high level, like-minded entrepreneurs is immeasurable.”

Jamie Stewart | Business Coach | Consulting

“The strategies from day 4 will have a tremendous impact on my business!”

Kristi Malmberg | CEO | Networking Marketing

“This was simply AMAZING! The 4th day alone was worth the whole investment.”

Walid Ibrahim | Owner | Consulting

“The VIP experience would have been worth 10X what was paid. If you don’t go VIP, you simply have no idea what you are missing!”

Matthew Stone | Senior Benefits Consultant | Insurance

“The caliber of fellow attendees was even higher than expected and I'm thrilled to be on this journey with them!”

Catherine Hammond | Founder & Attorney | Legal